About Standard Transmission

This is an auto blog...

If you're looking for info that can help you make confident decisions about a car rental, lease or purchase, you'll find it here. ST's goal is firstly to guide motorists to the vehicle that best meets their needs, taking many factors into the evaluation process. Because it is truly a shame for such large investments to go to waste, most of ST's articles will be Spot Lights on unique vehicles that offer outstanding appeal to their intended drivers. This could mean that with a little reading you could spend thousands less on a car you didn't expect would be right for you, or spend thousands more on a car that you didn't know would be so satisfying. Similar articles will feature a side-by-side comparison between two very well engineered and remarkable same-class vehicles. The vehicles covered in ST may or may be in production yet (concept cars included), but the one thing they all have in common is that they were created for the North American Market.

In North America cars are important to us. This is the land that raised the auto mobile from fantasy to necessity. We've fallen in love with the auto mobiles that shape our lives from conception in the back seat to grave bound hearse rides. ST appreciates this relationship by publishing articles that explore the auto mobile's place in our lives and hearts, which remind us why we love them.